Monday, 25 September 2017

Phone drawings

These are drawings that I drew with an app (the app is SketchBook ) on my phone (with a stylus)(I drew them but used photos as reference). The smoking Mickey Mouse took me 3 hours without break and Felix the cat took me about an hour.  

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Sir John A. Macdonald Should he Stick or Should he Go

I read “Rewriting history? That’s how history is written in the first place” at and “Why Sir John A. Macdonald’s name should stay on our schools” at, both in Maclean’s Magazine.

These articles were written because some activists have started to speak up about wanting to take this man’s name off of public schools in Ontario.

The first article discusses points against having Sir John A. Macdonald’s name on schools.

He may have been the first prime minster but he caused a lot of damage to the Native Americans, this included killing and repressing them.  He was also a known “corrupt politician, and a functional alcoholic.. So why would we want him on our schools?

The second article talks about the point of Keeping Sir John A. Macdonald’s name on schools.

He founded the country and that he wasn’t that bad. Also quote from magazine and quote from Churchill “I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place”.  Another point is that one of the famous five that helped get women’s rights (Emily Murphy) wrote racist screeds infamously around the same time and she is still commemorated not for that but because she helped get women’s rights.

I Think…

Well let’s start with that if I was an alien who had just arrived on Eearth the counter point was written better than the other side. EXCEPT the quote from Churchill, I think a quote from Hitler would’ve been more tactful. The point about the women’s rights was very good so if I had proof that Macdonald did enough good things to outweigh the bad then it would be fine to me at least.

My mom says though, just think of all those indigenous peoples who have had to use ten dollar bills all this time with John A. MacDonald’s head on them, and he’s a guy who killed a lot of them, took their children away, etc. From that perspective she says it’s terrible. Also I fact checked the Emily Murphy point and it turns out she was quite the lady. Effectively she wanted right for white women not anybody else.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Games Day in Monpazier

Today we returned to the museums game night for the second time, the first being on my birthday which was a lucky coincidence since we had no idea about it.

So we returned to take photos and show you guys.    

This is a weighing game were you role the dice and then you have to place a block depending  which number you role (6 being the furthest out).

This is a classic ring throwing game kinda like horse shoes.

A perfect use of a broken pool stick, and isn't all about muscle (same as pool).

Each person get 4 balls and whoever fill up their side first wins. There are no turns, and if you put a heavy spin on the ball it goes in a lot easier. 

Simliar to the one above this one each person gets to throw all the balls once. the ultimate goal scoring all of the balls and the hundred (which is the centre one).

This is a form of Croquinol that can be played the same, but after a couple of games when your fingers begin to hurt you can be cheeky and switch to the elastic rope. 

Well thats it, if anybody wants to build them I have all the measurements so just comment or contact me and I'll send them to you. 


Monday, 21 August 2017


We took a weekend to go to Bordeaux for several things, one, my phone, two, school products, and also to meet my mom's friend.

It wasn't too long of a drive (only about three hours), and we arrived with plenty of time to look around. We first went to FNAC though (a tech shop in France, great to sing with the tune of YMCA), where we bought my new phone and all the school supplies. We spent a good couple hours in there and then we had supper and a nice Chinese restaurant although afterwards we found out that there were actually a lot a little farther down the lane. Bordeaux ended up looking pretty much the same, white sandstone from the 18 hundreds, and had a very romantic smell every where you went of pee.

The next day we went back FNAC to buy cases for my phone and my mom's. We then went to Starbucks to enjoy good coffee and to find a place to stay in Belle Île. We then did a quick walk through the museum, the museum had things that we already saw consisting of roman and prehistoric and some midivil artifacts. We then finished the stay with a meal at a different asian restaurant. And that was my stay.

Sunday, 23 July 2017


My mom and I just went to Plovdiv which is the oldest city in Europe, between 6 thousand and 8 thousand years old. Two other people we knew from Bansko were also heading there so we gave them a lift. The drive was about 3 hours, which isn't too bad but still a long drive. After arriving we booked our hotel then we were on our way.

We first stopped to look at a mosaic museum where we learned that the Murano style of glass originated in Bulgaria.

We then walked down the Main Street which is nice but the coolest part is that underneath is a massive 240 m Roman race track, which was covered up by the Ottomans.

We then walked around the old part of town for the rest of the day.

We then went back to our hotel.

The next day we ended up meeting the people we drove the day before and they told us about a free walking tour. After having some hot chocolates from Costa Coffee we went on it.

It started at the city centre where the guide explained the coat of arms.
7 bumps to represent the surrounding hills (although in the 1990s they flattened one to put a shopping mall), and the lions represent their strength.

We then stopped to look at a statue which was the town's favourite hobo and myth has it that if you ask a wish in his ear it will be granted.

 She then told us that the Roman stadium/race course was built in in the first century.

Another thing she told us is that Plovdiv was a very important city so everybody wanted it. This resulted in a lot of wars. Over the years it has been owned by the Bulgarians then the Romans, then the Ottomans took over for a long time and wasn't till the last 150 years that it was Bulgarian-ruled again.

The mosque in the centre of Plovdiv in one of the oldest active mosques in the balkans, dating back to the 14th century, and it has  9 small domes instead of one big dome.

The Trap was a wooden market were you could buy anything,  also it was a multicultural market because traders came from all over the world.
A fire in 18th century burnt down the wooden shops, but people rebuilt. But in the communist era every body got moved out of houses and shipped other places, and the houses were left to rot. But for the past 5 years the town has been building everything back up. Kapana is a festival that happens in the Trap, and its to to redo the wooden market like it was so long ago.

After the Trap we visited the old town.

The Bulgarian Revival was in the 18th century. The idea was to remind people what it was like to be Bulgarian, and that they should get their country back from the Ottoman Empire. So the rich merchants funded the movement. This helped them be strong against the Ottomans.

 Houses from that time were known as a classic Bulgarian renewal house. At the time there was a fashion to name your home after your self. They would expand the second floors of the houses so they wouldn't have to pay as much land taxes. Also it was to copy the style of a Vienna house.

One of the most popular houses had drawings from around the world. also to show how rich he was the man had a rose water fountain in the middle of the house.

The Old Town of Plovdiv is on top of three hills, the tallest is known as the gard tower because of the guard

towers placed on top as ancient fortifications.

Plovdiv also has the longest pedestrian road in Europe, reaching almost 2 km.

A 4th century church was built when the murdering of Christians stopped, it has been demolished and rebuilt several times over the centuries, but its roots make it the oldest church in Plovdiv.

The first Bulgarian high school in Bulgaria was built in 1868 but only clerics could go to it.

Next our tour went past a statue that represented all the victims of the communist regime. The man with the violin was a well known violinist played in well known hotels.
But he lost his life when he made a joke to the leaders of the communist party and they sent him to a concertration camp, and he died ten days later.

The Roman theatre was built in the first century, but it wasn't exavated until the 1900s.

In the late 1800s the Bulgarians got half of their country back but the southern half was owned by the Ottomans. Then the leader of the northern half of Bulgaria officially said that the north and south was united. They expected for the Ottomans to attack, but they didn't. Instead on the 6th of September 1885 the Serbs attacked them, and in three days the Bulgarian armed men marched day and night without stopping once. From the south border to the west. Then they attacked the Serbs and they  won.

Well that is a small history lessons on Plovdiv and what I learned while I was there. I hope you enjoyed it, and have a great day.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

BBC Gender Pay Gap

 The BBC has just let out that they have a gender gap in payment. Many want this changed for obvious reason, but some are skeptical with a quote from Woman’s Hour’s Jane Garvey
 “I'm looking forward to presenting @BBCWomansHour today. We'll be discussing #GenderPayGap . As we've done since 1946. Going well, isn't it?”.
But gender is not the only problem, there is also a big racial pay gap. 

Lord Hall pledged that he would close the gender pay gap by 2020.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Tragedies and Triumphs: Canadians Tell Their Family Histories

These are some stories of some Canadians’ families. Some are happy some are not so happy. 

  • Peasant from china 

  • Name: Lor Jock Wing
  • Peasant goes to Cuba for sugar cutting but many died so instead went to Canada
  • Started laundry buisness 
  • Volunteers from church taught emigrants English
  • Boys would tip over his wagon and make wash the cloths again
  • From: China

  • Lured by jazz and beautiful women

  •   Name: Caliste Oliver
  • Supposed to become medic but instead started in jazz clubs
  • Got degree in engineering 
  • From: Africa

  • A descendants of 2 tragic pasts

  •   Name: MOM (Marjorie)
  • Mom was street kid survivor of child welfare system
  • Moved 15 times from 5 and 18 years of age
  • One of first native psychiatric nurses 
  •   Name: No name for father 
  • Father was dutch jew and holocaust survivor only surviving child of both sides of my family at the conclusion of ww2 
  • From: father dutch 
  • From: mom Native American

  • escaping slavery in Ohio

  • Name: George M. Lucas
  • Back slave in Ohio arrived in Canada in 1836 through Underground Railroad via Detroit 
  • He married an Irish lady 
  • Became farmer 
  • Farm burned down several times 
  • Together they had 15 children who survived
  • From: Africa

  • Line of courageous women 

  •   Name: Louis Hébert
  • Arrived in port royal
  • Settled in Quebec in 1617
  • She saved her second husband by scarring of Iroquois 
  • From: French

  • Fleeing a firing squad during the Russian revolution

  •  Name: Anne Krueger
  • Anne Krueger and her family fled Bolsheviks when she was 2 
  • Got on boat to Canada
  • From: Russia

  • Rejected by America a new life with a Cadillac

  •  Name: No names
  • Moved in 1976 after being rjected twice from usa 
  • 2 weeks after arrival my mother gave birth to a son
  • Year later grandparents and two uncles who immigrated 
  • From: China

  • working the fishery in Newfoundland

  •  Name: Benjamin Hayward 
  • In 1600s immigrated from England
  • Opened an inn and store 
  • Had good traffic because all the fishers went there 
  • From: UK

  • An indentured employee as a teenager

  •   Name: No names
  • Moved in late 1800s as a teenagers to Calgary
  • He eventually became a tailor 
  • He owned his own shop 

  • On the loosing side of the revolutionary war

  • Teamed with British in american revolution \
  • Had to  move to Canada
  • Name: no names
  • From: USA/UK

  • Loosing children to ship fever

  •   Name: Joseph and Marianne
  • In July 1847 came in a boat from cork and within three months of arrival three out of 4 children died.
  • From: UK

  • the flip of a coin 

  • Went back to England but all his family was dead 
  •  Name: William Allen
  • He flipped a coin to decide weather he would go to Canada or Australia Canada won
  • He became a police officer 
  • From: UK

Heres the link.